Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bento #1 is my first bento blog, since i already uploaded all of my bento, bake, cook and other works on my facebook, so it is really a hard work to upload them all in once here.. it is really moving.. :D

actually this is not real #1 bento, because i have made a lot of.. everyday :D and i made this bento on December, 10, 2010.

this bento theme is fish bento, it is very easy.. just make triagle shape rice for the body, little smaller for the tail. and i attached it on shredded beef (in indonesia : abon sapi :D), make eye from mayonaise.
other contents is meatball, potatoes ball, slices of strawberry, bean, and little of slices egg sheet.

and this bento is all ate by dhika :) yokatta :D

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