Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Doctor Yellow -Shinkansen Bento#3

Shinkansen.. again..!!
hahaa... as i told you before that my sons love shinkansen. Last night he requested Doctor Yellow Shinkansen, and he asked me to make the shinkansen from yellow rice.. but i don't have enough time to make it.. so i use scrambled egg mix with rice..and he don't mind.. ;) yippie...!!

this is doctor yellow  before i put inside the box :

i have vegetables stir fry, salmon nuggets, edamame and cucumber inside the lunch box. and here is the collage of todays bento :

enjoy your day..all :)


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello Kitty Bento

Yeeeaaayyy...finally i make Hello Kitty Bento.. Hello kitty who don't know?? all girls will love this cute kitty.. but but so far I have not had a reason to make it.. because my kids that brings bento to school is a Boy, and of course he would say no if i make him hello kitty bento.. :)) and i can't wait my 10 months baby girl asked hello kitty bento.. haha.. 

This is my first hello kitty bento.. this bento is for me..and i like it much :D

what do i have in my bento box? hello kitty is made from rice, hello kitty clothes and her ribbon is from crab stick, foot and hands is from cheese, nose is from corn, another facial detail is from nori. 

another ingredients is fried fish wrapped in bread crumbs, flower that made from carrots and the center is from peas, broccoli. 

enjoy the meal everyone.. :D


Good news..! i won the contest :D

Yeaayy...good news :D i won the contest.. actually i already now by February, 14 2012 but i decided to say it after i got the prize.. yeeeayyy...

my bento won the contest held by Japan the Wonderland.. and here is the happy news:)

and actually last friday the prize up to my house. and this is the pic of my bento and the prize..hehe

thank you very much to Japan the wonderland and Casa Bento for the great contest and adorable prize.. ;)


Monday, 27 February 2012

Rabbit Bento

Hello there.. how are you today? :D

Today is my turn reading a book in front of my sons class. The book that we read is choose by ourselves.. in my case, my sons choose the book.. He choose book, titled Usagi Kun no Boushi means Rabbit's cap. 
it tells about a rabbit's cap which is blown by the wind and caught in a high tree. Then the books tell about rabit and friends effort to had his hat back. a good story for kids :)

My japanese is not very good, since i am an Indonesian so i am glad i only have to read..hehe.. and hopefully all kids will understand what i am reading.. :)))

and here it is.. today i make rabbit bento and his hat :)

the rabbit is from rice, other ingredients is broccoli, pumpkin, tamagoyaki with spinach, and shrimp grilled shrimp butter.

enjoy your day..and wish me good in reading today :))


Koala -step by step-

My friends sons is picky eater, he doesn't like to eat rice.. and i always upload my son's bento contain rice..hehe, it contrary :D

One day she asked me to make non-rice cute bento..or snack bento. To meet her demand, today i make bento from bitterballen. Please tell me if you need english translation for my bitterballen recipe ;) 

and here is koala bento made from bitterballen.. 

to make this koala, need 4 bitterballen, pink colour for tie, star is from sausage, white color is from cheese and eyes is from nori.. i also insert strawberries and broccoli. 

really hope my friends son would like and eat his bento.. :)



Bitterballen.. saya terinspirasi teman saya Annisa, yang pas kumpul2 ibu ibu membawa ini, dari wawancara singkat dan improvisasi dari saya maka jadilah bitterballen ala saya :D



bahan A :
susu cair 250 cc
keju 35 gram

bahan B :
tepung terigu 5 sendok munjung
bawang bombay cincang kotak
bawang putih hancur 2 sdm
garam, gula, merica, pala
wortel parut kasar
jamur potong kecil
ayam cincang/daging cincang
mentega kira2 2-3 sdm untuk menumis

bahan C :
1 buah telur, kocok
2. tepung roti/tepung panir

cara :
1. panaskan susu cair, masukkan potongan/parutan keju, larutkan, sisihkan.
2. tumis bumbu dengan mentega, campur ayam cincang, setelah matang masukkan tepung terigu, aduk rata.
3. masukkan sayur, tumis sampai rata, masukkan larutan susu keju, masak sampai mengental.
4. tunggu dingin, bisa disimpan di kulkas supaya cepat kenyal.
5. ambil 1 sdm bentuk bulat atau sesuai selera.
6. masukkan di kocokan telur, guling di tepung roti.
7. goreng sampai matang.

easy n yummy :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hinamatsuri Bento

Hinamatsuri or Girl Days is held every March 3rd. Last year in Kumamoto there is hina doll sets exhibition held in downtown.

Today i make hinamatsuri theme for my 5 years son bento :) and psttssttt...also for my husband would be surprised because there is a cute things in his bento.. LOL.. but i believe he doens't mind :D

Last night i cooked japanese beef curry, my sons and my husband like it. So today i bring them curry for their bento. it consist of carrots, potatoes, shiitake, and beef. 

hina dolls is onigiri filled with katsuo fish seasoning (forgive me, i don't know the name :D) and wrapped with thin egg omelete, decorate with nori and crab stick. 

hope they enjoy their bento.. and let say i love monday.. !! hehe... hope all of you have a great day ;)


Monday, 20 February 2012

Princess Bento

My 10 months old baby girl is now learning to walk.. It is soo cute.. :) Many times she fell but she get up and walk again.. Now, she can walk about 2 meters without fell down.. and we are all so happy of it..  when she can walk without fell and we applauded her, he also clap her hands.. it is so cute :)

Today, i do not make bento for my sons because he got holiday until next week. His school is now closed because of 9 kids in his class got influenza.. Yes, influenza is spreading now in Japan.. Yesterday, after school and until last sons also got fever, but Thanks God today he is okay.. but i still asked him to wear avoid his sister infected while his sneezing..

So, today's bento is to encourage my baby girl who is learning to walk :) I make Princess bento for her.. here is Princess bento :

this bento menu are rice, shrimp fried breadcrumbs, strawberries, broccoli, a few carrots in fower shape, eggsheet for princess skirt, a few of sausage (as princess flower, princess headbands), and fried egg in flower shape with sausage filling inside, and nori for facial detail and princess skirt detail.. :)

my baby girl only can eat few of the ingredients, she likes to eat cheese, and also broccoli, other is ate by her brother.. check the kids picture while enjoying this princess bento :

Hmmmm... is it yummy kids?? :D i think so, because my sons eat it all :) 

take care and have a great day to all of you.. ;)

Flower bento

Today i post again my husband bento.. and the theme is still about flower :D my husband won't mind if i make him many variety of flowers everyday.. :D because for him, the only important think is what i put inside not the shape.. hahaa...

this bento consist of, rice, vegetables stir fry, edamame, fish nugget homemade and also sausage shape as flower :)

i made this bento in the same time with taiyaki bento this is the collage :

luv u ayah ;)

taiyaki bento

I made fish bento again..!'s all because in the weekend we loved to eat taiyaki.. 
it is a fish cakes and filling with red bean, or custars, or chocolate, or others..

The store that we bought this taiyaki usually will not sell taiyaki in the summer.. although  some store still sell..  and we really love taiyaki.. no matter what is the season..:D

i made this fish shape like a taiyaki cake, you can see in the picture some parts of taiyaki wrap.. :D Yesss.. i still saved taiyaki wrap that i bought last weekend..haha.. i think this winter we will buy a lot of taiyaki or maybe i will buy taiyaki mold and make it myself.. yeaaayy....i will.. !! :D

it consist of rice, the fish fin is from sausage, cheese, another ingredients are edamame, fish nugget homemade, and vegetable stir fry..

enjoyy your bento kids, as you enjoy taiyaki :D

Flower Bento

This is my post about my husband bento, this is bento for works or college ;)

this bento is made on the same day with shinkansen bento#2 and here is the collage bento for today :
my husband bento menu are rice, potato, carrot, mushrooms cooked in coconut flavouring, it called lodeh in Indonesia, fried enchovies with flour, chicken katsu and tamagoyaki.

yeeeayyy...for me, bento is a best gift for those we love ;)


Shinkansen bento #2

My sons loves shinkansen, and today he asked me to make shinkansen bento.. Nozomi types.. :D and before sleep yesterday night i searched in google about Nozomi Shinkansen.. 

i loved to make bento, especially for my sons and my husband.. because for me.. bento is a best give for  those we loved ;)

this is shinkanse bento for my sons ;)

bento menu are rice, chicken katsu, tamagoyaki, and some of vegetables 
and after school, my sons said that he loves his bento ;) 
his thank and cheer face told me about his bento, always give energy to make him bento everyday :)


Seaworld bento

Last night, i accompanied my 5 years old sons read about seaworld.. he is very interested and he requested his bento is about seaworld.. and this is seaworld bento for you, boys ;)

and he can read well now.. i am very happy, although sometimes there is a mistakes in spell but he's doing great.. :)

menu of this bento are rice, vegetables, homemade fish nuggets, tofu cakes and a little shredded.

i made the coral from broccoli and snaps, make squid and crab from sausage, and the yellow fish from eggsheet and orange fish from carrots.. other detail is bubble from cheese.

when i showed sons this bento.. he say.. "cool mama..".. Yeeaayyy..perfect morning, he loves his bento ;)


itadakimasu bento

Today's bento is about saying 'let's eat' or itadakimasu.. this bento were made on February, 6th 2012.. this bento theme is to give spirit to my sons to practises playing drama and also music performance in the school celebration, that is week.

he perform as donkey and play triangle instruments..

menu are rice, s
pinach mushroom omelet, fish nuggets homedmade, carrots, broccoli.. 

have a great day, all ;)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Muffin Keju slices

Kegiatan rutin weekend saya dan suami adalah membuat frozen food homemade untuk perisapan bento dan lauk seminggu kedepan.. Semalam, selain bikin botok, rempah, nugget ikan, udang tepung, dan ikan tepung serta memilah bahan lauk lain untuk bento anak dan suami, saya juga membuat camilan untuk hari ini.. Pilihan hati jatuh pada Muffin Keju Slices ;) snack yang ga perlu dimixer, dicampur campur doang..

sebenarnya maksud hati adalah ingin membuat cheese cake..tapiiiii... mixer saya rusaaakkk...!!! hwaaaaaa....benar2 kejadian buruk tengah malam.. :(( jadi telur dan gula yang sudah saya siapkan untuk dimixer ga bisa dimixer, dan untuk mengaduk manual, saya dah ga punya tenaga :(( maklum...semalem sudah jam 00.30 pagi.. hiiiiiikkkksssssssssssss...........sementara waktu ini saya ga bisa mixer2 deeehhh :((
ntar mau ngerayu si ayah, biar dibeliin mixer lagi..hihihi...

daaannn..ini sudah kedua kalinya mixer saya rusak selama saya di jepang,yang pertama dulu karena mixer itu dikasih teman..jadi mungkin sudah uzur jadi waktunya ganti.. trus mixer kedua ini, saya beli yang murah2..karena berpikir ga mungkin dibawa pulang.. yaaaa..malah gampang rusaakk :((( 

kemaren pas bikin bolkus gula merah itu saya mixernya kan lamaaa... 20 menitan..dan dah ada bau2 aneh gitu dari si mixer.. n mungkin mixer saya ga bagus juga, ato terlalu bekerja keras selama ini karena saya pake terus.. walhasil sekarang rusaaakk..hiiiiikkkssss....

ya sudahlah.. ini adalah snack putar haluan..hehe.. muffin ini ga perlu dimixer, hanya dicampur aja... check out the recipe :

bahan A :
tepung terigu 200 gram, ayak
baking powder 1/2 sdt
soda kue 1/2 sdt

bahan B :
mentega 120 gram
susu cair 80 gram
keju slices 3 lembar, robek2 (saya pake yang jenis mudah meleleh)

bahan C : 
telur 3 buah
gula 120 gram (bisa ditambah sampai 150 gr kalo suka manis)

cara :

1. campur bahan A, sisihkan
2. campur bahan B, masak dengan api kecil diatas kompor, lalu aduk pelan setelah mendidih agar keju leleh, biarkan hangat
3. aduk rata bahan C, dengan whisk
4. masukkan bahan A kedalam bahan C, aduk rata, masukkan bahan B, aduk rata.
5. masukkan adonan ke dalam cup, di loyang muffin, sampai 3/4 tingginya
6. oven dalam suhu 170 degree, 25 menit.

Hmm..siaaappp.. :) setelah semua frozen food selesai dan muffin matang, waktu sudah jam 02.00 dini hari..waktunya solat duluu.. dan pagi ini..anak-anak pagi ini dah nyamil muffin.. :) and here i am, posting this muffin slices cheese for you.. ;)

have a great weekend..!!

let's make every taste better,
-mamaDhiNar ;)

Botok Tahu Tempe Udang

Hellooo happy sunday ;)

Kemaren pas ke pasar nemu udang basah yang kueciiil keciill, ato biasanya di Surabaya ibu saya nyebutnya udang gragu..saya ikut2an deh.. :D waaa..langsung kepikiran bikin botok.. kayaknya enak, lagian masih punya coconut fine di rumah.. 

Daaan..semalem, ketika anak-anak sudah tidur, saya bikin botok.. oya, sebelumnya sempet telpon-telponan sama ibu di Surabaya.. Saya bilang kalo mau bikin botok karena nemu udang gragu.. Beliau menyarankan juga untuk bikin rempah, bagi yang belum tahu rempah adalah perkedel kelapa yang ada campurannya udang.. 

Maka, udang gragu dibagi dua..separuh untuk botok dan separuh lagi saya bikin rempah buat frozen food homemade bento anak dan suami minggu depan ini..

thanks mom.. ;)

Oya, botok saya dibungkus pake aluminium foil karena disini susah nyari daun pisang.. ada siih, tp klo sembarangan ngambil..bisa2 ditangkap polisi..hihi..

resep, sumber dari Ibu saya :

bahan :
tahu, cuci, iris kotak kecil
tempe, cuci, iris kotak kecil
udang kecil/udang gragu (IKA 80 gram)
tomat 1 buah, iris 
daun pisang untuk membungkus / aluminium foil
kelapa parut (IKA pake coconut fine kering)

bumbu :
bawang merah (Ika pake bawang bombay)
bawang putih
daun jeruk
daun salam, sobek2
garam, gula
cabe merah besar 2, buang biji

cara :
haluskan bumbu, kecuali daun salam.
campur dengan bahan
bungkus dengan aluminium foil/daun pisang, kukus 20-30 menit.
siaaaappp... :)

enjoyy... ;)

-mamaDhiNar ;)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Play Ball Bento

i made this bento to teach my son about having a sister.. because he is a new brother :)
i describe in this bento brother and sister love to play ball together ;)
hope you always be a good brother, son.. ;)

actually he has no problem with his sister, but sometimes he wants to hold his sister.. OMG..she was a little baby.. :D. Once, he ever hold his sister? where am i and my husband?? we are stood back to them,and had something to discussed.. when i turned to the kids, hwaaaa...the baby already on his lap..  :)))) but, thanks God there is nothing happened with the baby :D

what do i have in this bento? rice, homemade beef burger, fried egg and vegetables..


Thursday, 16 February 2012

bento collage#1

Wow.. it is really hardwork to move all my bento works in my blog, then i decided to make a collage..hahahaa.. really takes a lot of times and my 10 months baby girls, seems can't wait to play with me :))

i have sushi bento here, rabbit bento, pinguin bento, chicken bento, and bread bento also spagetti bento..
there are two special bento in this picture that is flower bread bento and spagetti bento..

flower bento is bento that  i made when i was pregnant, it was on march.. that day i got fever, and when i checked to hospital i got chicken pox on my third trimester of my pregnancy, and i have to bed rest.. so it was my last bento when i am pregnant last year :)

and spagetti bento is my first bento after i delivered my baby girl. i made simple one.. ;)

Thanks God, after all of those things my baby girl is health and now she's been 10 months old.


Bee bento

This is last year bento on 2011 bento.. the theme is Bee bento

it is rice wrapped in fried egg, fried shrimp, broccoli, carrot, and wings are from cheese..

Snowman bento

I made this snowman bento on winter 2010.. and i think every year i would like to make bento with this theme :))

Elephant bento

This is Zou San bento or elephant or gajah.. :) i made from yellow rice, and the trunk is from kamaboko. 
i also made this bento on December, 13, 2010.. 

(Menu : Yellow rice, Cheese fried chicken, Fried egg filled with crabstick, snaps, and carrot)


Turtle Bento

I made Turtle Bento as my sons request..Turtle is Kura-kura in Indonesia language :)
this bento made on December, 10th 2010..'s long time ago :))

it is rice filled with chicken shreded, quail egg, vegetable omelet, vegetable (cauli flower, carrot, cucumber and few slices of strawberry)


Shinkansen Bento #1

I made this bento 2011, and still in moving theme i uploaded my works here in my blog.. :)

My boys love shinkansen.. and today i made special shinkansen bento from yellow rice for him. taa..raa.. hopefully he will like it and eat all his lunch.. ^_^

ingredients: yellow rice, boiled egg, fried chicken, broccoli, carrots, cheese

this shinkansen bento shape was inspired by his lunchbox.. :) and my sons like it much..


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Soto Ayam

Soto ayam... ini setoran ke-3 untuk Pawon Ibu monthly event #7.. kebetulan pingin banget makan soto ayam dari minggu lalu, kebetulan cuaca sangat mendukung, dingin dan hujan2an.. :D

Walhasil soto ini dinikmati di hari hujan, ludes 1 panci dalam sehari, sampe nambah2 makannya :D kalo yang soto ini Resep warisan keluarga Sudiro :)

bahan dan bumbu:
ayam 500 gram, cuci, potong, lumuri jeruk nipis
bawang bombay 1 buah (bawang merah sktr 5-6 buah) *haluskan 1/2, rajang kotak kecil 1/2
bawang putih halus 2 sdm
merica bubuk 1/4 sdt
pala bubuk 1/4 sdt
kunyit bubuk 1/2 sdt
ketumbar bubuk 1/4 sdt
sereh 1 buah, keprek
daun jeruk 3 lembar
bawang pre iris tipis
batang seledri, iris
kemiri, 3 buah
garam, gula

pelengkap :
daun bawang iris tipis
kobis iris/kecambah rebus/sawi putih rebus
telor rebus
irisan daun seledri
bawang goreng *di soto ini aku ga pake, males bikin..xxixixi..
perkedel kentang,
jeruk nipis
suun rebus

cara :
haluskan bumbu (bawang bombay,merica, bwg putih, pala, garam gula, pangkal sere, ketumbar, kemiri, jahe)
tumis dengan daun jeruk, sere, irisan bawang pre
presto atau masak bumbu dengan ayam. dan irisan batang seledri
setelah mendidih ato selese di presto, kucuri jeruk nipis, boleh ditambah potongan tomat, potongan seledri,
masak sebentar
ambil ayam, goreng, suwir2, tulangnya masukkan lagi ke soto.

penyajian :
nasi, beri sayur (kobis/kecambah rebus/sawi putih rebus), beri suun rebus, taburi ayam suwir, taburi daun bawang dan seledri,
tata telor rebus, perkedel, potongan tomat, siram dengan kuah dan sajikan dengan sambal dan jeruk nipis 

hmmm...mantaaabbbb poolll :D

semoga bermanfaat ;)

Bakpao Labu Kuning

Masih punya stok labu kuning, trus mikir2 dibikin apa ya enaknya.. trus inget dulu pernah bikin bakpao labu kuning, tp ga sempet dipoto2... ya udah bikinlagi ajah yuuk, enak n anak-anak pasti sukaa..

ini bikinnya dah 14 feb 2012 siang, tp baru dibunder2 n diisi jam 8 malem.. :D Alhamdulillah dah punya camilan buat hari ini -15 feb- :D
mau istirahat duluuu...badan ga fit niiiyyy :)

warna bakpaonya kuning menggoda.. cempluk2..hihi.. saya bikin 2 versi, isi ayam dan isi coklat.. soalnya my 5 years old son, sukaa ma yang berbau coklat.. dan isi coklatnya saya kasih chocochips saja.. praktis dan mudah, ga perlu bikin2.. klo isi ayamnya..saya bumbu tumis biasa..

nih..resep dari

bahan-bahan/bumbu-bumbu :
300 gram tepung terigu protein rendah
100 gram labu kuning, dikukus, dihaluskan
1 1/2 sendok teh ragi instan
1/2 sendok teh baking powder
40 gram gula tepung
125 ml air es
20 gram mentega putih
1/2 sendok teh garam

bahan isi:
1/2 buah bawang bombay, dicincang halus
50 gram daging giling
50 gram wortel, dipotong kotak, direbus
50 gram buncis, diiris, direbus
1 sendok teh kecap manis
1 sendok teh kecap asin
1/2 sendok teh garam
1/2 sendok teh merica bubuk
1/2 sendok teh gula pasir
1 batang daun bawang, dipotong 1 cm
1 sendok teh wijen
2 sendok makan minyak wijen untuk menumis

Cara Pengolahan :
  1. Panaskan minyak. Tumis bawang bombay sampai harum. Masukkan daging giling. Aduk sampai berubah warna. Tambahkan wortel, buncis, kecap manis, kecap asin, garam, merica, dan gula. Masak sampai meresap. Tambahkan daun bawang dan wijen. Aduk rata.
  2. Campur tepung terigu, labu kuning, ragi instan, baking powder, dan gula tepung. Aduk rata. Tuang air es sedikit – sedikit sambil diuleni sampai kalis.
  3. Masukkan mentega putih dan garam. Uleni sampai elastis. Diamkan 15 menit. Kempiskan adonan. Timbang masing-masing 25 gram. Bulatkan. Kempiskan. Beri isi. Bentuk bulat. Alasi kertas roti.
  4. Diamkan 15 menit sampai mengembang.
  5. Kukus 7 menit dengan api sedang.
versi IKA "

isi ayam :
bahan :
bawang bombay uku kecil 1/2
bawang putih halus 1 sdm
merica bubuk, pala bubuk
baawang pre iris tipis + seledri
garam, gula
1 sdt maizena + air 2 sdm

tumis bumbu, masukkan ayam, masak hingga matang,
tambahkab larutan maizena, masak hingga kental
siap.. :)

semoga bermanfaat and let's make every taste better ;)

Untuk 22 buah

Thomas bento

Today, Kumamoto is cloudy.. and according to the weather forecast it gonna rain today..
Okay..then what do i have for my sons bento today?
it is a long long promises that i just realized.. it's a Thomas Bento :)

it consist of rice, potato ball (perkedel kentang), salmon, caulliflowers and shiitake stir fry, and steamed broccoli..

enjoy your day son..!


Bolu Kukus Gula Merah

Yeaaayyy...ini adalah bikin bolu kukus yang mekrok untuk yang kesekian kalinya :D 
bukannya semua gagal.. duluuu bikin pertama, sukses.. trus bikin lagi..loh kok bulet2 jadinya tuh bolkus.. lucuu2 deeh.. bunder2..hihihi... 

Naahh..trus dulu banget pernah ngobrol ma teman, tentang bolu kukus gula merah, yang katanya anti gagal.. baiklah mari dicoba.. dan ternyataaa.. taraaaaa....

yeaaayyy....mau ngakak juga dia padakuuu :D

saya ambil resep punya teman, namanya mbak bayu.. makasiih mbak bayuuu..sukses niiiyy.. :D

bahan :
- 400 grm gula merah (masak bersama 400 mL air hingga larut)
- 2 telur
- 100 gram gula pasir
- 500 gram tepung terigu
- 1 sdt baking soda
- 1/2 sdt baking powder
- 250 mL minyak goreng

how to:
1. Kocok telur, baking soda, baking powder, gula pasir. Kocok sampai kental, mungkin sampai 20 menit. Atur kecepatan mixer diawal paling rendah dulu, baru pertengahan naikin sedikit2.
2. Mulai panaskan kukusan
3. Kecilkan mixer, masukan terigu, minyak goreng, dan larutan gula merah sedikit2 secara bergantian. Lakukan sambil dimixer dengan kecepatan paling rendah.
4. Siapkan cetakan, alasi dengan kertas roti. Tapi kertas roti saya ganti dengan mangkok aluminium foil biar praktis. Tuangkan adonan sampai hampir penuh.
5. Karena kukusan saya tidak terlalu besar, saya hanya isi 4 cetakan sekali kukus. Kukus selama 20 menit. Jangan lupa kasih serbet sebelum dikasih tutup. (*IKA : ga pake ditutup serbet)
6. Setiap selesai mengukus, selalu tambahkan air lagi seperti semula untuk menjaga jumlah uap yg dihasilkan supaya tetap banyak, kemudian panaskan ulang sebelum memasukan adonan selanjutnya. Pastikan kukusan sudah panas banget dan beruap banyak sebelum diisi adonan.

oyaa..saya ga pake ditutupi kukusannya.. karena pas pertama kali kukus, saya tutupin tambah cuman senyum aja dia.. belah 2 :D ya udah, setengah putus asa, saya lepas aja tuh tutup.. malah mekaarr.. haha.. jadi masalahnya di saya, kayaknya perkara kukusan.. :D

oya, ini poto kukusan saya :

semoga bermanfaatand let's make every taste better ;)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fishcake kentang salmon

Anak saya suka sekali dengan ikan salmon, dan hampir setiap minggu beli salmon.. tapi emaknya kadang bingung juga..enaknya dibikin apa nih salmon.. 

Pas ada event bulanan Pawon Ibu #4 dengan tema Potatoes month..ya sudahlah, mari bikin kentang salmon.. membuatnya mudah, dan rasanya..enyaaaakkk bangeett.. sejak itu jadi menu favorit baru :)

Meski namanya fishcake kentang salmon, ini bukan cake tapi lauk..hihihihi... resep ini asli kreasi mamaDhiNar.. dan rasanya okeeehh ;)

check out the recipe ;)

bahan :
kentang ukuran besar 1 buah, parut kasar, kukus 5-10 menit.
salmon 3 potong, ambil dagingnya, hancurkan, saya pake garpu
bawang bombay 1/2, iris kotak kecil
mayonaise 2 sdm
kuning telur 1
tepung roti 3 sdm
jeruk nipis/jeruk lemon 1, ambil airnya. (untuk menghilangkan amis, serta menambah rasa segar)
*garam, merica, pala bisa ditambahkan jika suka.. tapi saya ga pake.

cara :
1. campur semua bahan
2. bentuk sesuai keinginan..
3. goreng dengan sedikit minyak, bolak balik hingga kedua sisi matang.
4. sajikan dengan cocolan saos sambal, mayonaise dan jangan lupa sayuran.

semoga bermanfaat ;)

let's make every taste better ;)
Ini postingan juga masih dalam rangka posting pindahan dari fesbuk ke blog :D

Kue ini dibuat dalam rangka setoran monthly event Pawon Ibu #4, dengan tema Potatoes Month. Ini adalah setoran kedua, saya buat soes tapi isi nya vla kentang.. 

Resep Soes :

200 ml air
125 gr Margarine
1 sdm gula pasir
150 gr tepung terigu
4 btr telur

Cara membuatnya:
  1. Masak air, mentega dan gula hingga mendidih.
  2. Masukkan tepung terigu, aduk cepat hingga kalis, angkat, dinginkan.
  3. Masukkan telur satu persatu sambil dikocok hingga rata.
  4. Masukkan adonan kedalam plastic segitiga, semprotkan diatas loyang yang sudah dioles mentega dan ditabur tepung. (*ika : disendoki mumpluk2.., dioven 200 deg C selama 20 menit)


resep vla kentang

Bahan :
500 gram kentang kukus, dihaluskan
150 ml santan dari 1/4 butir kelapa (*ika : ganti susu cair 150 ml)
1/2 sendok teh garam
2 lembar daun pandan (*ika : lupa ga masukin..jd ga pake)
125 gram gula pasir
10 gram wijen hitam, disangrai (*ika : omit this)
Cara membuat:

Vla kentang: masak kentang, santan,. garam, daun pandan, dan gula pasir sambil diaduk sampai meletup-letup. Tambahkan wijen hitam. Aduk rata. Angkat. Dinginkan.

dari :

enjoy the recipe, and let's make every taste better ;)

Bakpao Ketan Hitam

Hmm..ini edisi poto jadul.. judulnya posting pindahan dari fesbuk ke blog :) jadinya potonya yang lama aja..hihi..ada tanggalnya lagi.. ga pa2 yaaa.. :D

bahan roti :

225 gram tepung terigu protein
50 gram tepung ketan hitam
1 1/2 sendok teh ragi instan
15 gram susu bubuk
50 gram gula tepung
1 putih telur
115 ml air es
20 gram mentega putih
1/2 sendok teh garam

bahan isi:

100 gram kacang hijau kupas direndam 1 jam
50 gram gula tepung
1 lembar daun pandan
1/4 sendok teh garam
150 ml santan dari 1/2 butir kelapa

Cara Pengolahan :
1. Isi, kukus kacang hijau 25 menit sampai mekar.
2. Campur kacang hijau, gula tepung, daun pandan, dan garam. Aduk
rata. Tuang santan. Masak sambil diaduk sampai kalis. Angkat. Bentuk
3. Campur tepung terigu, tepung ketan hitam, ragi instan, susu bubuk,
dan gula tepung. Aduk rata. Tambahkan putih telur dan air es sedikitsedikit
sambil diuleni sampai kalis. Masukkan mentega putih dan garam.
Uleni sampai elastis. Diamkan 30 menit.
4. Kempiskan adonan. Timbang masing-masing 25 gram. Bulatkan.
Diamkan 10 menit. Pipihkan. Beri isi. Bentuk bulat.
5. Alasi kertas roti. Diamkan 30 menit sampai mengembang.
6. Kukus 7 menit dengan api sedang.

Untuk 20 buah

resep dari sini :

(aku pake isi abon n apel.. :D yang ada dirumah aja..hehe)

Wedang Jahe Sere

Hmm..disini sedang winter dan beberapa hari hujaan terus melanda.. kebetulan juga, badan rasanya ga fit..setelah minggu lalu perut kembung dan masuk angin.. sampe sekarang, kadang suka masih ga enak nih perut..

Baiklah..waktunya bikin minum yang hangat-hangat tapi cepat.. sebenarnya minuman ini saya tahu dari kakak sepupu mbak Widya, namanya Kobuk.. tapi karena takut salah nama... ya sudahlah ditulis namanya Wedang Jahe Sere saja yaa.. :)

Rasanya manis, hangat dan wangi karena ada daun pandannya.. saya biasanya tambahkan madu lagi biar lebih komplit khasiatnya..

Membuatnya pun, sangat mudah.. 


bahan :
daun pandan
gula merah
jahe, iris tipis ato keprek
sereh 1 batang, cuci bersih, keprek sedikit

cara :
rebus semua bahan menjadi satu
sajikan, tambahkan madu jika suka

hangat.. dan cocok buat yang lagi masuk angin :D

let's make every taste better ;)

Susu Sari Kedelai or Soybean Milk

Soybean milk is one of my family favourite milk.. i often make myself, it taste good and fresh.. we can drink it whether hot or cool.

many methods of making this soybean milk, and this is my recipe :

ingredients :
500 gram of soybean, wash clean, soaked in water minimum 5 hours, or until become bigger.
pandan leaves
ginger, thin slices 
little bit of salt
water 1.5-2 liter

how to :
wash soybean which is already soaked
cook in low heat, with water, sugar, pandan leaves, ginger, and little bit salt until boiled.
(you need to stir a few times, to avoid it overflow)
after boiled, let it warm then filtered several times to remove residues.
served :) 

now you can make your own fresh soybean milk... hope it useful ;)


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cake Kukus Ketan Hitam or Steamed Glutinuous Black Rice Cake

it is now winter here, and today is rainy.. looks what do i have for my breakfast today :D it is a glass of milk-ginger cereal and Steamed Glutinuous Black Rice Cake..

This steamed cake is one of my family favourite.. it is really tasty cake, because the main ingredients of this cake is glutinuous black rice powder.. I made this cake many times, because my son and my husband like it, beside it is easy and didn't take much time..

the recipe is from :

ingredients :

6 egg
250 gr sugar (*IKA 150 gr, i and my family don't like too sweet)
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp emulsifier (sp/tbm) (*IKA OMIT)
250 gr glutinuous black rice powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanili powder (*IKA OMIT)
200 gr margarin melted
2 tsp sweetened condensed milk (*IKA OMIT)

how to :
1. Beat eggs, sugar, salt, and emulsifier until fluffy.
2. Add the black glutinous rice flour, baking powder, and vanilla powder with sifted and mix evenly.
3. Enter the melted margarine and condensed milk while stirring slowly.
4. Pour in baking pan 24x24x6 cm and a spread with margarine on the baking paper.
5. Steam 25 minutes over medium heat until cooked.

the picture above is my old picture which i uploaded on my facebook.. is last year :D *mentioned on picture date :)))

let's make every taste better ;)