Thursday, 16 February 2012

bento collage#1

Wow.. it is really hardwork to move all my bento works in my blog, then i decided to make a collage..hahahaa.. really takes a lot of times and my 10 months baby girls, seems can't wait to play with me :))

i have sushi bento here, rabbit bento, pinguin bento, chicken bento, and bread bento also spagetti bento..
there are two special bento in this picture that is flower bread bento and spagetti bento..

flower bento is bento that  i made when i was pregnant, it was on march.. that day i got fever, and when i checked to hospital i got chicken pox on my third trimester of my pregnancy, and i have to bed rest.. so it was my last bento when i am pregnant last year :)

and spagetti bento is my first bento after i delivered my baby girl. i made simple one.. ;)

Thanks God, after all of those things my baby girl is health and now she's been 10 months old.


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