Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love Gifts Bento

Finally i finished my bento for contest held by japanthewonderland.

It is really injury time, because i had to let my 5 years son and my baby sleep then i can did my work..
when i know the contest, what do i think is to give my husband a presents.. this bento should be a best gift from me to him.. it is not chocholate, but a bento :) 

here is my "LOVE GIFTS  BENTO" for my beloved husband :)

my concept of making this bento is to make my bento like a gifts or presents, i mold rice as a gifts box, ribbon is from nori and with a heart shape carrot for the seal. Love is usually identic with flowers, and i made flowers from apple, and the stalk from cucumber. 

my bento menu are :
- rice
- stir fry salmon (*Recipe below)
- fry egg
- vegetable and fruits salad (Broccolli, sweet corn, cucumber, apple)
and mayonaise


Stir Fry Salmon 

ingridients :
1 slices salmon
1/4 onion, cut into thin slices
1 tsp soyu
1/2 tomato, thin slices
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp oil to fry
how to:
stir fry onion, add garlic powder, then add soyu, add salmon, let until cooked then add slices of tomato, wait a minute, then served.

Fry egg :
Egg, bit of salt, bit of white pepper
mix all, then fry, served 

vegetables and fruits salad
boiled the vegetables, then add mayonaise as topping.

This menu is really fast, cheap and of course health.. 
wish me luck everybody..!! ;)

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  1. Hi! ^^ thanks for your entry... It's really nice, I like the present idea :3
    I love that red usagi hankie (?) <3

    1. thank you sayuri, i am very happy to participate your contest ;)

  2. so sweet!!! cantik, it so much!!

  3. oh, how sweet.
    I like this Bento so much!

    1. winnie..thank you for your comments.. :)
      this bento also easy to make ;)