Monday, 27 February 2012

Rabbit Bento

Hello there.. how are you today? :D

Today is my turn reading a book in front of my sons class. The book that we read is choose by ourselves.. in my case, my sons choose the book.. He choose book, titled Usagi Kun no Boushi means Rabbit's cap. 
it tells about a rabbit's cap which is blown by the wind and caught in a high tree. Then the books tell about rabit and friends effort to had his hat back. a good story for kids :)

My japanese is not very good, since i am an Indonesian so i am glad i only have to read..hehe.. and hopefully all kids will understand what i am reading.. :)))

and here it is.. today i make rabbit bento and his hat :)

the rabbit is from rice, other ingredients is broccoli, pumpkin, tamagoyaki with spinach, and shrimp grilled shrimp butter.

enjoy your day..and wish me good in reading today :))


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