Monday, 20 February 2012

Seaworld bento

Last night, i accompanied my 5 years old sons read about seaworld.. he is very interested and he requested his bento is about seaworld.. and this is seaworld bento for you, boys ;)

and he can read well now.. i am very happy, although sometimes there is a mistakes in spell but he's doing great.. :)

menu of this bento are rice, vegetables, homemade fish nuggets, tofu cakes and a little shredded.

i made the coral from broccoli and snaps, make squid and crab from sausage, and the yellow fish from eggsheet and orange fish from carrots.. other detail is bubble from cheese.

when i showed sons this bento.. he say.. "cool mama..".. Yeeaayyy..perfect morning, he loves his bento ;)