Monday, 20 February 2012

taiyaki bento

I made fish bento again..!'s all because in the weekend we loved to eat taiyaki.. 
it is a fish cakes and filling with red bean, or custars, or chocolate, or others..

The store that we bought this taiyaki usually will not sell taiyaki in the summer.. although  some store still sell..  and we really love taiyaki.. no matter what is the season..:D

i made this fish shape like a taiyaki cake, you can see in the picture some parts of taiyaki wrap.. :D Yesss.. i still saved taiyaki wrap that i bought last weekend..haha.. i think this winter we will buy a lot of taiyaki or maybe i will buy taiyaki mold and make it myself.. yeaaayy....i will.. !! :D

it consist of rice, the fish fin is from sausage, cheese, another ingredients are edamame, fish nugget homemade, and vegetable stir fry..

enjoyy your bento kids, as you enjoy taiyaki :D

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