Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tenpura Bento

Wowww...these two days is really hard.. 2 days ago both of my kids, 5 years old and 10 months old vomited at night, and yesterday we took them to children's clinic.. they got stomachached.
and..the story was'nt stop yet, then.. in the evening..i also got stomachached, until i write this post.

Yesterday, before i got stomachace i am lucky i still can cookod. i made tenpura yesterday.. consist if shrimp, carrots, eggplants and sweet potatoes, also the sauce.. dinner only my husband ate the tenpura :)

my stomachache already come :D, my 5 years old boy, also still forbid to ate seafood, meat, so i do not give him tenpura..

i made him and also my 1- months old daughter rice porridge with a some drops of olive oil... I served the porridge with beef shreeded.. (hope it's okay :D though it contains beef :D)
Alhamdulillah, they want to eat that porridge, and i really can't eat.. :(( onaka ga itai desu.. :(

and today, my 5 years old boys, still don't come to school.. so i only prepared my husband bento.
and..if you guest my husband bento will be tenpura.. yes it is right :))
i have no energy, after a night long hard to sleep because of stomached, and give breastfeeding to my baby..

so, here is tenpura bento that i serve this morning ;)

it is rice, with shrimp tenpura fried, and vegetable tenpura (eggplant, carrot, sweet potato), completed with the tenpura sauce. And i gave is giraffe from egg sheet with nori as motif, and black sesame seed as giraffe eye.

-mamaDhiNar ;)

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