Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Baby Doves

I made this bento last year, and published on my facebook.. i made this bento when there's dove nested in front of my apartment balcon. My sons very happy when he knew it... everyday he looked at and checked whether the egg had hatched or not.. hehe..

so, i make baby doves in nest for his bento that day, and he is very happy :)

what's on lunch box?
it is spagetti with chicken topping, quail eggs as baby doves, sausage, fried tofu in star shape, and lettuce and slices of tomatoes. 

bento is a best give for those i loves ;)


  1. Replies
    1. thank you diana.. ;) glad you like it..

  2. Cute abis loh bentonya MamaDhiNar! :D

  3. This is so cute and I love the star shaped fried tofu too :)

    1. thank you rina.. hehe, another try to make fried tofu special :)

  4. This is very cute, I also love ur star shaped tofu! :)