Monday, 9 April 2012

Back To School Bento

Good morning..!!

finally today i make bento for my sons, after his long weekend for new classes.. i thought that there will be no bento until next week, but yesterday my sons got back from school and brought school schedule, and bento is started today..haha..

okay.. then today's bento is about back to school :)

in this bento box, my sons got : nasi uduk sawi, tamagoyaki, potatoes and ebi dried cooked, and mixed vegetables stir fry, also strawberries.

i make boys character wearing kindergarten hat, the hat is round shape and yellow colour as my sons hat. i also inserted pieces of chicken sausage.

it is now spring here.. and cherry blosssoms is so beautiful.. :)
have a great day everyone !!



  1. Very colorful and nice lunch! Enjoy the Cherry Blossom there, I heard that they are very beautiful from my best friend who lives in Japan.

    1. thank you very much Rina..!
      yess...cherry blossom here is so beautiful.. it is really beautiful spring :)