Sunday, 8 April 2012

Strawberry Yoghurt Pudding


really miss cooking, baking and bento-ing after i got influenza type B and should take a rest.. it's totally about two weeks..with the healing periods. This influenza type b is very bad influenza i've ever got..high fever for somedays.. about 3-4 days, very bad headache, cough and cold.. and on the fifth baby got fever too... what a perfect weeks :) Also, my 5 years old son is holiday that time.. really poor he was..all the plan that we've made, is cancelled.. and he should play at home..because i couldn't take him anywhere..and my husband is busy..

Thanks's over. we already healthy now :)

 And here i am now.. serve my family with Strawberry Yoghurt Pudding :)

i got the recipe from here :

500 ml susu (500 ml fresh milk)
1 bks agar-agar putih (1 pack jelly)
100 gr gula pasir (100 gr white sugar *IKA : 10 spoons sugar)
1 sdt garam (1 tsp salt)
15 bh stroberi, potong-potong (15 strawberry, slices cut)
200 ml yoghurt (200 ml yoghurt)
*IKA tambah 1 sdm nutrijel strawberry

Cara Membuat:
1. Campur susu, agar-agar, gula pasir, dan garam. Masak di atas api sedang sampai mendidih, sambil diaduk.
(Mix milk, jelly, sugar, and salt, cooked until boiled, stir)
2. Masukkan stroberi, masak sebentar (1 menit), segera angkat dan biarkan uapnya hilang (tidak terlalu panas). Masukkan yoghurt , aduk rata.(insert strawberry, and let warm, then add yoghurt)
3. Tuangkan ke dalam cetakan puding yang sudah disiapkan. Diamkan sampai puding mengeras. Sajikan dingin. ( put into pudding mold, let cool)

enjoy strawberry yoghurt pudding in a warm spring ;)


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