Thursday, 19 April 2012

Yamabiko Shinkansen Bento

Few days ago, my sons asked me to make shinkansen bento.. again?? hahaa..yeeeaahh..he is shinkansen lover.. and he asked Yamabiko Shinkansen.. actually yesterday i also make Yamabiko Shinkansen Bento for him, but he seemed not satisfied, he said that the line wrong.. :))

well, i search on google actually.. :D and today i make Yamabiko Shinkansen again.. he looks happy today, but also commented.. 'where is the carriage?' hahahahaaaa.....because today i make shinkansen from the front side.. 

here is my 'homework' from my sons :D next, i will make another yamabiko shinkansen from the side.. :D

today's bento menu are : rice mold as shinkansen, urap sayur, fried fish and i put sweet soy sauce in rabbit bottle.. enjoy your lunch kids :)



  1. LOVE your Shinkansen bento! I have several lunch boxes and other Shinkansen items but never tried making onigiri. You inspire me to try someday soon :)

    1. hii Rina, thank you.. oooh..really? you really have to try making shinkansen onigiri.. it's fun :)