Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Haruman Bento (Bento Musim Semi)'s time to post my Bento again :)

hehe..actually it's not new bento, this bento is my entry for contest in Yurasu Tabloid . It is a free local tabloid, in Nagano Perfecture, Japan. The Contest was held on April, 2012 and the announcement about the winner is on June, 2012. 

and check here. My Name was there.. Yeeeaayyy.. Although i am not the first, 2nd or 3rd winner, i feels happy.. it good news.. :) 

check the picture above, i marked my name written on the tabloid which came to me along with the certificate and the price.. :) The Price is bento book of Mari Miyazawa.. soon i will post the picture  of the book..

Yeaaayyy.. I am happy and want to share this happiness with all of youu :)


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