Friday, 17 August 2012

Meron Pan (Melon Bread)

One of bread that i want to make my self is Meron Pan. Here, you can find meron pan in everywhere.. when first, i came to Japan and saw this bread i am wondering how to made the topping like that.. *LOL.. how innocent i am :)))

and after i know how to make it.. another reason is.. i am to lazy to make it... hahaha... so after a long time ago i know how to make it, i just realize my meron pan just few days ago.. and here it is my Mini Meron Pan ^_^

actually this is my and my kids project on summer holiday. i asked my kids to play dough, my 5 years son mold his own, and what about my 16 mos girl ?? yeeess.. she also mold and of course sometimes stepping on the batter too.. :)))

but it was fun.. :D

here are my sons meron pan.. looks great aren't they?

but if you want to know the batter stepping by my 16 mos girl..hahaha..sorry.. i don't take the pic :D

i got the recipe from cookpad.

here is the MERON PAN Recipe, also some modification from me:

ingredients :

280gr Bread flour
25gr Sugar
4gr Salt
50gr Butter
150gr Milk
25gr Egg
3gr Active dry yeast

■ cookie dough

50 g Butter
40 g Sugar
25 g Egg
100 g Cake flour

■ finish
Egg Proper quantity
Granulated sugar Proper quantity

how to :
sift bread flour, sugar, in a bowl, then add active dry yeast. mix it.
add egg and milk, mix until smooth. 
add butter and salt. mix it and wait until elastic.
leave the dough 30 minutes.

*notes : i used home bakery to make the bread dough.

Make the cookie dough.  
  1. softened butter in a bowl until the sugar white.  
  2. Mix in the egg divided into two or three times.  
  3. Put together cake flour and shake, mix.  
  4. i add matcha flavour and coffee flavour, so i divide into 3 parts, and mix 2 of 3 cookie dough with matcha and coffe. 
  5. Wrap with plastic wrap to stick and leave in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
Make the meron pan bread :
  1. Divide the bread dough (mine is about 25-30 gr each, i made mini meron pan, bigger size is abot 50-75 gr each).
  2. Divide into small parts the cookie dough (it based on the how many bread dough you want to make)
  3. Stretched round the cookie dough, wrap the dough. 
  4. Add grid lines lightly with knife/bamboo skewer on the surface.
  5. brush with eggs, sprinkle the granulated sugar. 
  6. Before and after the secondary fermentation at 35 degrees 50 minutes. the size will be about twice.  
  7. Bake about 15 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 degrees. (IKA : 170 deg 15 minutes).

the kids, especially my 5 years old boy seems can't wait to eat the bread.. his project :D

this bread is soft and the topping is crunchy.. on the left side, and under this type is the inside view of the bread.

*The best way to make the keep the bread soft is to wrap it or keep in a close box or plastic after the bread is cold. or if not, you can microwave for a while to make it soft, before you eat.

*This bread is still soft until night.
well.. the summer holiday will be finish next months, so there still so many times to do another fun activity with kids.. when you can't go anywhere..

if you have time, you can try this recipe.. and if you have home bakery like me.. it would be saving a lot of time.. ^_^

see you :)


NB : step by step of making the upper grid will be posted soon, as soon as my handphone data cable repaired. ^^


  1. Nice and gread job sist :) also for Dhika kun.. sugoiii...
    how interesting,. I hope I also have home bakery someday..

    1. hi..nisa, thank you for drop here.. ^^
      yes..home bakery is really help me.. aamiin..