Thursday, 2 August 2012

Simple Quail Eggs Bento

Ganbaree..!! Big Hugs :)
If you see the flags bring by the smiling mouse below, that's the way to read it.. 

This is one of three bento that i made for my coursemate and my Japanese Teacher, before Ramadhan months. Below is bento for my Japanese Teacher, i aldo put the message flag inside the bento box, which read as " iro iro arigatou gozaimasu" means thanks a lot for everythings.

My Japanese language teacher and her husband are substitute my parents here. They are about 65-70 years old, but very healthy and lively.

Do you remember my 'Haruman Bento' which is won in Yurasu Bento Contest? My sensei help me to translate some of the ingredients and some of information into Japanese Language. Then i had idea that it would be great if i gave bento for her and her husband, also my coursemate.

Consider of maybe they won't like if i made something too cute in their bento because of their age and yeeaahh..i don't think it's a good idea to made something to cute for them :)) so i decided to make this simple bento. 

Also, they love Indonesian Food so i decided to cooked Indonesian Food inside this bento box. Menu are rice whit quail egg above, fried chicken, vegetables stir fry, spicy anchovies and nuts, also slices of cucumber and orange.

A week after i gave the bento, my sensei and my coursemate said that they love my bento. It is glad to know that my sensei and her husband, said it was nice and delicious.. ^_^ My coursemate, Nisa tell about bento i gave her here (written in Indonesian language).

bento is a best give for someone we care ;)


  1. It was very delicious sist :) with a cute smiling mouse above the rice..

    Thank you very much .. for you also..ganbare!! to face up your happier life in Indonesia..big hugs sist.. :)

    1. Thank you very much Nisaaaaa.. :) aamiin.. gonna miss you, keep in touch yaaa ntar klo dah di Indonesia :)

  2. Look so yummy and the quail eggs are so cute:) I love spicy anchovies, YUM!