Monday, 24 September 2012

Sup Bola - Bola Tenggiri (Spanish Mackarel's Ball Soup)

I am very busy lately because i have to packing my goods and get ready for moving.. Yess we're gonna moving.. so, there is no day without packing.. :)

and here i am, post this yummy Spanish Mackarel's Ball Soup *Sup Bola bola Tenggiri) while trying to breath in the pile of suitcases.. :))) well..actually this post is about fulfil my promises to my friends Mbak Midia about another recipe with Spanish Mackarel and i cook this recipe about two week ago.. *sorry for late posting*

check out the recipe :

ingredients :
1. tofu, as you like, steamed  (tahu kukus)

2. Spanish Mackarel's ball recipe (resep bakso/bola-bola tenggiri)
ingredients :
2 spanish mackarel (medium size), fillets, minced (2 buah tenggiri, fillet dan haluskan/cincang)
2 tsp garlic mashed (2 sdt bawang putih halus)
1/2 tsp salt (1/2 sdt garam)
1/4 tsp pepper powder (1/4 sdt merica bubuk)
5 tablespoon tapioca starch (5 sdm tepung kanji)
1 egg white (1 putih telur)

how to :
1. mix all ingredients
2. prepare 2 litre of water, heat
3. make ball shape from the batter, put into hot water, let until the balls is float (it means the ball is cook)
4. do it until all the batter is done.
5. take the floating balls and drain.
3. Soup 

Ingredients :
1 carrot, wash and slices (1 buah wortel, iris)
1/2 part of cauliflower , wash and cut (1/2 buah kembang kol, cuci lalu potong-potong sesuai kuntum)
1 pack enoki, i cut into half part to make my daughter (18 mos) easily to eat (1 pack jamur enoki, potong sesuai selera, saya potong 1/2 untuk mempermudah putri saya makan)
2 leeks, small cut.(2 buah daun bawang, potong kecil)
water from making the balls, you can add more if you like (air dari membuat bola-bola tenggiri)
1 onion, small cut (1 buah bawang bombay, potong kecil)
1 tsp mashed garlic (1 sdt bawang putih halus)
1/4 tsp pepper powder (1/4 sdt merica bubuk)
1/2 tsp salt (1/2 sdt garam)

how to Soup:
1. stir fry onion and mashed garlic until fragrant
2. add pepper
3. put it on the broth (from making spanish mackarel's balls), heat it
4. add carrot and cook until done, then add cauliflower and enoki.
5. add salt, taste.

How To Serve :
1. take some balls
2. add steamed tofu
3. add soup and vegetables
4. sprinkle small cut of leeks

Autumn is coming, soupy and warm food is a good choice ;)


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not Charaben -Simple Bento

This is my sons bento last tuesday, and that day i want to make something which is not caharaben. My reason is i often asked by many friends.. do all students in Japan always bring cute bento as you made? and the answer is NO. it depends on the kids, and moms of course :D

but..moms here, usually make their sons bento colourful to attrack kids to eat their exa,ple using furikake to colouring the rice, use many vegetables and fruit as a natural colouring in the lunch bos, and also use cup to put the side meal, rice or vegetables. Also they usually use toothpicks to make the food looks fresh and cute.. :)

in my case, i love to do charaben.. :D so every morning.. is my relax time, doing my hobby, thinking about something cute, cooking a good food, as a presents for my son. ;)

Here is my NOT Charaben Bento ^_^

first tier consist of rice covered with beef floss and i put purple sweet potato, don't you still looks cute without any character? :)

second tier is otak otak tenggiri, check the recipe HERE, vegetables stir fry (mushroom, carrots and green mustard), also mini tomatoes.

I use silicon cup to put the vegetables stir fry, and also i use leaf toothpicks in decorate the mini tomatoes.

Hope you like it ^_^

bento is a best give for someone you love ;)

Otak Otak Tenggiri and Orak Arik

This post begin with my happiness found tenggiri fish (spanish mackarel) last week in a market here.. Yeaaayy..last week i found it many in fish shop with a reasonable price  -read : cheap :))- yippieee.. :D

then i start to think about many Indonesian food can be made by this fish, Otak otak, empek empek, gulai, and many more.. :)) and i bought 2 pack..i even thought to buy more :))) but  but i also realize that i will be very busy lately...and wouldn't cook so many menu.. :( so i choose to make otak otak tenggiri.

i got the recipe from dapur eeyand thanks Yulyan ;)

i also modify this recipe by add white pepper powder, change banana leaf with aluminium foil because i don't have Banana leaf here and also i use grinder and blender than food processor.. check my modified recipe..

Ingredients :
250 gr ikan tenggiri dingin fillet (250 gr spanish mackarel, fillets)
3 siung bawang putih,memarkan (3 cloves garlic, crushed)
3 siung bawang merah, potong-potong (IKA : 1 buah bawang bombay, potong kecil ) (1 onion, cut into small pieces)
10 tangkai kucai (yulyan : pake daun bawang) (Ika : used leeks too as Yulyan)
1 putih telur (1 egg white)
50 ml santan dari 1/4 butir kelapa (yulyan : pake santan instant) (ika : i used 50 ml fresh milk)
Garam secukupnya (salt to taste)
Gula secukupnya (sugar to taste)
*1/4 sdt merica bubuk (1/4 tsp white pepper powder) -IKA modify-
1 sdm tepung hunkwe (ika : i don't have, so i changed with 50 gr tapioca starch/or u can used maizena/corn starch)
Daun pisang untuk membungkus, layukan daun diatas api (i don't have banana leaf, so i used aluminium foil)
Minyak goreng secukupnya untuk mengoles (oil, to grease aluminium foil)

Method :

  1. Masukkan ikan tenggiri dalam blender atau food processor bersama bawang putih dan bawang merah. Blender sampai lembut.
    (ika : process spanish mackarel with grinder little by little, after all fillet fish is done then blend garlic, onion and mixed it all with blender)
  2. Masukkan kucai, blender kembali.
  3. Tambahkan ptih telur, santan. garam, dan gula. Blender kembali sampai lembut.
    (add leeks (step2), egg white, fresh milk, pepper, salt and sugar, mixed it all)
  4. Tambahkan tepung hunkwe, aduk rata. -Ika : tambahkan tepung maizena-
    (add corn starch, then mixed it)
  5. Oleskan minyak diatas daun pisang.
    grease oil on the aluminium foil.
  6. Sendokkan adonan diatas daun pisang. Bungkus,semat lidi di kedua ujungnya.
    add 1 tablespoon of batter or as you like, wrap it.
  7. Panggang diatas bara api sampai matang.
    if you used banana leaf : grilled until cooked, you can grilled it on teflon too
    if you used alumium foil :
    kukus sekitar 30 menit, sudah bisa dinikmati... :) tapi jika ingin dibakar maka ambil isinya dan panggang sebentar di atas teflon yang dioles minyak.
    steamed for about 30 minutes or until cooked, then take otak-otak, grilled it for a while on teflon (grease with a little oil first).
Hmm..yummy :)
my sons and my daughter like it.. Yeaayy.. :)

the picture above named orak arik hmm... in english it just like sauted vegetables.
Let me tell you, when i fillets the fish, there still much fish meat stick in thorns, so i take it with spoon and add it to sauted green mustard...hehehhee.. by the way, please Check the recipe if you like :

Orak arik Sawi-Tenggiri

ingredients :

green mustard, as you like, wash and cut
1 egg yolk (the rest of make otak otak :D)
1 tomato, wash and cut
1 onion, small cut
2 cloves garlic, cruched
1 tsp soy sauced
salt and sugar to taste
1/4 tsp pepper powder
the rest of spanish mackarel which is stick on the fish thorns, take it with spoon :D

how to :
saute garlic until fragrant
add onion and spanish mackarel flakes, until cooked
add pepper, salt and sugar
add green mustard, mixed. then add soy sauce
add egg yolk, mixed until cooked
last, add tomato slices, just until it mixed and still fresh, do not overcooked.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nasi Ayam Wortel (Carrot and Chicken Rice)

Carrot Months is a theme in Pawon Ibu's this months.. This months all moms looks very orange..because they are very enthusiast of making foods based on carrot.. LOL.. :))

This months i make Carrot and Rice Chicken, it is a rice cooked with carrot juice and some seasonings mixed with chicken minced.

the original recipe is Shrimp and Carrot Rice from Sajian Sedap but i don't have shrimp, there's only chicken minced in my refrigerator so i modify the recipe..

The source of original recipe is HERE, please check the original recipe if you like.. and here is the recipe after modified.

Nasi Ayam Wortel (Carrot and Chicken Rice)

Ingredients  :
300 gram beras (300 gr rice)
100 gram edamame rebus (100 gr edamame, boiled)
2 siung bawang putih, memarkan (2 cloves garlic, crushed)
1 cm jahe, memarkan (1 cm ginger, crushed)
100 gram ayam cincang (100 gr, chicken minced)
1 sendok teh saus tiram (1 teaspoon oyster sauce)
1/2 sendok makan garam (1/2 teaspoon, salt)
1/4 sendok teh merica hitam bubuk (1/4 teaspoon, black pepper powder)
200 ml air wortel, dari 250 gram wortel dan 100 ml air, blender, saring (200 ml of Carrot water, from 250 grams of carrots and 100 ml of water, blender, then strain)
250 ml kaldu ayam (250 ml chicken broth)
1 sendok makan minyak wijen untuk menumis  (1 tablespoon sesame oil for sauteing )


1. Panaskan minyak wijen. Tumis bawang putih dan jahe sampai harum. Tambahkan ayam cincang. Aduk sampai berubah warna. Masukkan saus tiram, garam, dan merica hitam bubuk. Aduk rata.
(Heat the oil, sauted garlic and ginger, add chicken minced, stir until the colour is white, add oyster sauce, salt and black pepper powder)
2. Tambahkan beras. aduk rata.
(Add rice, stir)
3. Tuang air wortel aduk rata.
(add carrot water)
4. Tuang step (3) di dalam rice cooker, tambahkan air kaldu. masak di dalam rice cooker sampai matang.. jangan lupa untuk sesekali mengaduk nasi *sekali saja sudah cukup* dalam rice cooker agar kuningnya merata :)
(add step (3) into rice cooker, add chicken broth, and cooked until the rice is cooked) and do not forget to occasionally *once is enough* stir the rice in a rice cooker so that the the colour can be spread evenly.. :)
5. sementara itu rebus edamame.
(boiled edamame)
6. ketika akan dihidangkan, campur nasi dengan edamame yang telah ditiriskan, taburi bawang goreng. (when it will be served, mix the rice with the drained edamame, sprinkle with fried onions)
7. Yuuummmyy,.. guriih :)

Hope you like the recipe.. ^_^

1. the water needed to cook rice is maybe variated, it depends on the rice that you use.. ^_^
2. do not forget to occasionally (once is enough) stir the rice while cooking in a rice cooker so that the the colour can be spread evenly.. :)


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Strawberry and Carrot Bento (with Tutorial)

Today.. i feel so glad because i made simple bento as i told before.. :) Simple bento for today is Strawberry and Carrot Bento.. and.. i also make simple tutorial of how to make this bento.. ^_^

This bento consist of rice, fried salted salmon, mustard omelet, and mini tomatoes. This bento is very easy and simple to make, besides the menu is also simple and fast.. ;) so why don't you start bentoing from now? :)

Preparation :
1. Prepare white rice
2. Prepare 2 mini tomatoes, small cut, then keep in rice warmer for about 5 minutes until it soft.
3. Prepare the side dish, vegetables/fruits.
4. After mini tomatoes become soft, mix it with 2 tsp white rice, mix it. (you can add pinch of salt if you like). Set aside.
5. Prepare black sesame seed, small cut of broccoli (boiled), and small cut of cucumber (leaves shape).

Tutorial :

step by step :
1. Make two shape from tomatoes-rice. Mold with plastic wrap, and make the shape like strawberry and carrot.
2. Make a rice ball, flattened it and put carrot shape or strawberry shape on the top side. trim the rice.
3. Put step No. 2 on the silicon bento cup ( you can also use paper bento cup or plastic bento cup).
    attach small broccoli on the upper side of carrot shape, and also attach the cucumber leaf for strawberry. 
4. attach black sesame seed on the strawberry shape. 
5. For the last touch to make it more cute i add animal foodpicks, rabbit animal foofpick next to carrot, and panda animal foodpick next to strawberry.
6. Your bento is ready ;)


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boy and Pencil

Hellooo.. meet u in another back to school theme.. Today i made Boy and Pencil bento.
and..i am so sorry because i don't make simple one.. ^_^

actually in my sons school there is no bento for wednesday..hehe.. but, i forget.. so this morning i kept bentoing..hahaa..i didn't realize until my husband ask me about the bento i made.. haha..

let me tell you about today's bento.. the boy is from rice and for the boy's hat i add soy sauce to make the colour became brown, and for the red colour for boy's cheek as usual i put little tomato sauce. other menus in this bento are chicken katsu and vegetable salad (broccoli, sweet corn and carrot).

This bento is my entry in Back to School Theme on Bento Blog Network.

Have a great day anyone.. ^_^


Monday, 3 September 2012

Yeaaayy..Back To School ^^

Yeaayy.. summer holiday is over.. :)
that is what my sons said, when i told him that he have to go to school.. He really miss his school and his friends :D

Actually first day to back to school is yesterday, but my sons got fever because of dehydration.. Last friday many friends came to our house, and my sons is very excited..until he forget to drink a lot.. But Alhamdulillah he is already fine.. ^^

So today, i made Bus School Bento for him..