Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boy and Pencil

Hellooo.. meet u in another back to school theme.. Today i made Boy and Pencil bento.
and..i am so sorry because i don't make simple one.. ^_^

actually in my sons school there is no bento for wednesday..hehe.. but, i forget.. so this morning i kept bentoing..hahaa..i didn't realize until my husband ask me about the bento i made.. haha..

let me tell you about today's bento.. the boy is from rice and for the boy's hat i add soy sauce to make the colour became brown, and for the red colour for boy's cheek as usual i put little tomato sauce. other menus in this bento are chicken katsu and vegetable salad (broccoli, sweet corn and carrot).

This bento is my entry in Back to School Theme on Bento Blog Network.

Have a great day anyone.. ^_^



  1. Hi Ika_mamaDhiNar,
    Your bento is very cute and yummy!!! Your story made me laugh alot. Bcs i was too, i made a bento for my younger sister before, but actually she didn't go to work at that time. So she had bento at home...

    I'm Hana

    1. Hi Hana,
      thank you for your sweet comments.. ^^
      haha..yes, i also laugh when i remember the day.. we might be very busy from early morning, but actually bento that we've made couldn't bring :)))

  2. Such great colors and I love the little boy so much! I just know the food is as delicious as this looks!

    1. thank you berry girl.. :)
      the boy seems very happy to going to school :D
      thank you..homemade food is always delicious, because every moms cook it with love :)

  3. Ika, I just saw this and it is super cute!! Love the pencil and happy boy. Have a nice weekend! :)

    1. Thank you Rina :) have a nice weekend to you and your family too.. ^_^