Monday, 24 September 2012

Sup Bola - Bola Tenggiri (Spanish Mackarel's Ball Soup)

I am very busy lately because i have to packing my goods and get ready for moving.. Yess we're gonna moving.. so, there is no day without packing.. :)

and here i am, post this yummy Spanish Mackarel's Ball Soup *Sup Bola bola Tenggiri) while trying to breath in the pile of suitcases.. :))) well..actually this post is about fulfil my promises to my friends Mbak Midia about another recipe with Spanish Mackarel and i cook this recipe about two week ago.. *sorry for late posting*

check out the recipe :

ingredients :
1. tofu, as you like, steamed  (tahu kukus)

2. Spanish Mackarel's ball recipe (resep bakso/bola-bola tenggiri)
ingredients :
2 spanish mackarel (medium size), fillets, minced (2 buah tenggiri, fillet dan haluskan/cincang)
2 tsp garlic mashed (2 sdt bawang putih halus)
1/2 tsp salt (1/2 sdt garam)
1/4 tsp pepper powder (1/4 sdt merica bubuk)
5 tablespoon tapioca starch (5 sdm tepung kanji)
1 egg white (1 putih telur)

how to :
1. mix all ingredients
2. prepare 2 litre of water, heat
3. make ball shape from the batter, put into hot water, let until the balls is float (it means the ball is cook)
4. do it until all the batter is done.
5. take the floating balls and drain.
3. Soup 

Ingredients :
1 carrot, wash and slices (1 buah wortel, iris)
1/2 part of cauliflower , wash and cut (1/2 buah kembang kol, cuci lalu potong-potong sesuai kuntum)
1 pack enoki, i cut into half part to make my daughter (18 mos) easily to eat (1 pack jamur enoki, potong sesuai selera, saya potong 1/2 untuk mempermudah putri saya makan)
2 leeks, small cut.(2 buah daun bawang, potong kecil)
water from making the balls, you can add more if you like (air dari membuat bola-bola tenggiri)
1 onion, small cut (1 buah bawang bombay, potong kecil)
1 tsp mashed garlic (1 sdt bawang putih halus)
1/4 tsp pepper powder (1/4 sdt merica bubuk)
1/2 tsp salt (1/2 sdt garam)

how to Soup:
1. stir fry onion and mashed garlic until fragrant
2. add pepper
3. put it on the broth (from making spanish mackarel's balls), heat it
4. add carrot and cook until done, then add cauliflower and enoki.
5. add salt, taste.

How To Serve :
1. take some balls
2. add steamed tofu
3. add soup and vegetables
4. sprinkle small cut of leeks

Autumn is coming, soupy and warm food is a good choice ;)



  1. mbak Ika... hebat euyy sempet sempetnya posting,.. udah kangen belum sama 'cepetnya' internetan di Kumamoto? hehehe... di sini kok rasanya lemot yaa.. kapan itu udah nulis di komen blog ehh error..
    selamat menikmati hari-hari di tanah air :)

    1. haiii..nisa.. haha..ini nih pas detik2 akhir di sela2 packing :))
      Alhamdulillah internetnya klo cuman dipake nulis di blog or searching lancar jaya n cepet..hehe, entah klo dipake download :D
      pake sp***y :D