Monday, 3 September 2012

Yeaaayy..Back To School ^^

Yeaayy.. summer holiday is over.. :)
that is what my sons said, when i told him that he have to go to school.. He really miss his school and his friends :D

Actually first day to back to school is yesterday, but my sons got fever because of dehydration.. Last friday many friends came to our house, and my sons is very excited..until he forget to drink a lot.. But Alhamdulillah he is already fine.. ^^

So today, i made Bus School Bento for him..

the bento menu are : rice with egg sheet as bus body, chicken satay llilit, korokke, broccoli, carrot and cucumber..

i used toothpicks with kids character as a bus passenger ^^ this bento is not too many details, it only need eggsheet, nori and carrot for bus lamp.. i am gonna make simple bento from now, because my sons class (bigger class in Kindergarten) is begin 20 minutes early start from today.. as a preparation for elementary school..  and the lunch box for my sons should be ready before 8. Soo...wait for my tommorrow bento.. ^^

Welcome back to school and enjoy it .. ^_^


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