Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Otak Otak Tenggiri Bakar

Helloo.. today's post is about tenggiri fish.. and yeaayy.. i make otak otak tenggiri again.. :D
But..this time i used banana leaves to wrapped the batter, after steamed it i grilled it.. and believe me, u just can say it is yummy only from it smells..

Please check my previous otak otak tenggiri HERE.

for this otak otak tenggiri i used hunkwee flour and tapioca starch, and the result.. this otak otak tenggiri is more chewy than the previous one.

i got the recipe from Sajian Sedap and here is the recipe :

ingredients :

250 gram daging ikan tenggiri, dihaluskan
1 putih telur, dikocok lepas
3 butir bawang merah, dihaluskan
2 siung bawang putih, dihaluskan
1 sendok teh gula pasir
1 1/4 sendok teh garam
1/8 sendok teh merica bubuk
30 gram tepung hunkwe
50 gram tepung kanji
125 ml santan dari 1/4 butir kelapa
1 batang daun bawang, diiris halus
daun pisang untuk membungkus

Cara Pengolahan :
  1. Aduk rata ikan dan putih telur.
  2. Tambahkan bawang merah halus, bawang putih halus, gula, garam, merica, tepung hunkwe, dan tepung kanji.
  3. Tambahkan santan dan daun bawang. Aduk rata.
  4. Sendokkan ke daun pisang. Bungkus. Semat dengan lidi kanan dan kirinya.
  5. Panggang di bara api sampai matang. Sajikan dengan sambal otak-otak.
*Please be patient, later i will write the recipe in English :) *

I still have another variant of tenggiri fish because i also make Tenggiri Nugget yesterday..for today's breakfast and i'll post it soon.. ^_^

have a yummy day.. :D


Monday, 22 October 2012

Rabbit, Car and Momotaro Bento

Haii all.. hissashiburi desu..

it's been a months since my last bento post.. :) and now i am gonna post some bento that i've been made for my sons. We are now moved in Surabaya and my son school now is not as long as before, so i put small portion of lunch..

actually i asked him whether he wants snacks for his bento, but he said he don't want to.. so i only put small portion of meal in his lunch box..

here is some bento i've made for my sons.. 

bento above is momotaro kun bento, the idea is from the bento box :D
it is very simple.. just put rice on the box and cut nori with some facial detail, then put circle shape of carrot for the cheek. and yes it done! :)
this bento menu are : sauteed yard long bean and tempeh, cucumber, orange, and fried fish.

the second bento is car bento

i put rice with car shape, chicken katsu and salad (cucumber and carrot) and i also put strawberry. To make the car cute, i put bento toothpicks above.

and the last bento for this posting is rabbit bento

for this bento i put fried noodles mix with vegetables, chicken cooked in soy sauce, and rabbit rice. The rabbit ears is from fried egg.

Hope this simple bento can inspired u all.. ^_^