Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cow bento : let's drink milk ;)

Helloo.. i am back with another bento theme ^^
this bento is bento that i’ve made for contest held by Susu Cair Frissian Flag on Facebook.

But i am not sure my pic can be accepted well because my pic is blank on th contest gallery.. and i try to ask but no response from them.. :(

 (below, i copy from my the contest gallery- shows my name and my pic is blank)

but it’s okay.. i love to make bento, and it is really my pleasure.. ;)

My theme of making this bento is ask other to drink milk :) so i make a cow drinking milk :D
what is inside the lunch box? i put homemade chicken nugget, beef sausage, quail eggs, broccoli, carrot, and also grapes.

keep bentoing with love ;)


  1. Very cute! Such a lovely bento! thanks for coming by my blog too! :) smiles

  2. Please telp saya di 087861209669.
    Saya ingin pesan untk ultah anak saya januari ini.
    Trims, dike

    1. Terima kasih dike.. ^^
      akan saya hubungi yaaa..