Friday, 7 December 2012

Smile Sushi Bento and Doraemon Sushi Bento

Hellooo.. ;)
greet you all with smile ^^

it's been long time since my last post about bentoing.. :)
No.. if you ask me do i stop bentoing? everyday i still make bento for my son, for his break at school.
but.. back home to surabaya means i have to re-arrange my activities, i returned to teaching on campus, i should arrange my schedule preparing my lecture, cooking, baking, and number one is playing with kids :D

Hoho.. i am sorry for long intro above.. :) let's check out another sushi bento caught on my camera some weeks ago.. ^^

smile sushi bento, i put horenso and carrot (steam) inside the rice, i also add mayonaise for the taste. other ingredients are chicken nugget..

for doraemon sushi bento, the black colour is from black sesame powder and i mix with vegetable can add a pinch of salt if you don't have furikake at home.  doraemon eyes is from rice, because i didn't have slices cheese that morning :D

Thanks for reading my simple sushi bento. ^^
see u soon ;)


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