Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pasta Bento


it's very long time i didn't update my bento ;)
i still make bento everyday for my son.. but sometimes i didn't make charaben..

and..this bento i made for Bento & co contest 2013 with Pasta Bento Theme. you can check the link of the contest here : http://en.bentoandco.com/pages/the-2013-international-bento-contest

and here is my entry for the contest ;)

·      First tier of my bento is main dish, which contain spaghetti with spicy chicken sauce, ebi furai, tamagoyaki fill with snap, also some vegetables.
·      I was inspired with the images in the logo contest, a woman wearing kimono.. (maiko san) So I put the character as the topping for my spaghetti. Woman in kimono made from slices cheese and details from carrot, snaps, and nori, also sausage with Sakura shape.
·      in the second tier, I put my country tropical fruit that is star fruit and watermelon. Also yogurt pudding with melon flavors.

hope you enjoy my bento ;)

-ika damayanti-

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